2016 World Drill Championships Roster

Area: Sunday, May 1st – Main Arena – Area F

12:53 PMSolo ExhibitionAdam JeupStandard
1:00 PMSolo ExhibitionJonathan EllwayStandard
1:07 PMSolo ExhibitionSamuel RatliffStandard
1:14 PMSolo ExhibitionBrandon RosarioStandard
1:21 PMSolo ExhibitionAnthony ArbornStandard
1:28 PMSolo ExhibitionJonathan WurzelbacherStandard
1:35 PMSolo ExhibitionJonathan LudwigStandard
1:42 PMSolo ExhibitionMichael Leinen Invited
1:49 PMSolo ExhibitionLawrence RossInvited
1:56 PMSolo ExhibitionEricka PaceInvited
2:03 PMSolo ExhibitionAnthony BiasottiInvited
2:10 PMSolo ExhibitionKenneth AnsbroInvited
2:17 PMSolo ExhibitionJertil RobinsonInvited
2:24 PMSolo ExhibitionFong ThaoQualified
2:31 PMSolo ExhibitionJacob DoughertyQualified
2:38 PMSolo ExhibitionCaesar Llantada Qualified
2:45 PMSolo ExhibitionChristopher HaleyQualified
2:52 PMSolo ExhibitionChristopher ScanlanQualified
3:00 PMSolo ExhibitionJoseph SuveroQualified
3:07 PMSolo ExhibitionSteven GrantQualified
3:14 PMSolo ExhibitionJoshua GillQualified
3:21 PMSolo ExhibitionTyler Van KeurenQualified
3:28 PMSolo ExhibitionEric CromwellQualified
3:35 PMSolo ExhibitionLogan SnyderQualified
3:42 PMSolo ExhibitionMichael SullivanQualified
3:49 PMSolo ExhibitionAdam RennQualified
3:56 PMSolo ExhibitionNeriah GuerinQualified
4:03 PMSolo ExhibitionSamuel GozoQualified
4:10 PMSolo ExhibitionRobert ZykoQualified
4:17 PMSolo ExhibitionAndrew GroveQualified
4:24 PMSolo ExhibitionAndres RyanHighly Qualified
4:31 PMSolo ExhibitionMatthew WendlingHighly Qualified
4:38 PMSolo ExhibitionFlorian Kanoho-Taong Highly Qualified
4:45 PMSolo ExhibitionMichael RennHighly Qualified
4:52 PMSolo ExhibitionAlejandro PaulinoHighly Qualified
5:17 PMGroup ExhibitionAndres Ryan and Logan SnyderStandard
5:24 PMGroup ExhibitionAlejandro Paulino & Fong ThaoStandard
5:31 PMGroup ExhibitionAurora Alejos, Savanna Tubbs, Savion Pablo, Steven PedrozaStandard
5:38 PMGroup ExhibitionKeelann Brannan, Edencille Urbina, Frances Maldonado, Lorenzo GarciaStandard
5:45 PMGroup ExhibitionDylan Baine, Adam Renn, Michael RennStandard
5:52 PMGroup ExhibitionAustin Phillips & Cameron Stokes Standard

Medal Round

The top five solo competitors will perform again at 6:15pm to determine the top three placements. The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony

Monday evening (begins at 7:00)

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