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  1. Sir, I am a Air Force honor guard from Taiwan, who has just won the first place prize recently, because I would like to join the WDC competition this year, there are some questions I would like to ask in order to join the subject competition smoothly.

    1. Am I “qualified” or “open” since there are 2 ways of entry. (I saw your website stated that a qualified entry should be invited or win a top 33% of whole100%, in this case, I can send you the certificate of my first prize to prove that )

    2.Is there any difference between these 2 entry, for instance like the competitors(or we will be put together and compete regardless the entry), scoring, gear and judging

    Very Respectfully,

    Sam Yen

    Looking forward to receiving your reply, and hopefully I can participate this coming competition.

    I appreciate your reply, thank you~

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      Hi Sam,

      At which competition did you place 1st? Qualifies status applies to competitors who place in the top 33% at official WDC qualifiers (AF Nationals, Army Nationals and the World Online open).

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