Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome the to WDC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Before proceeding, please read the SOP thoroughly, as you may find the answer to your questions there. If you don’t, this section may help. Otherwise, reach out directly through our Contact Us page.


Would I be able to register or pay after the deadline?


If I am not invited or did not qualify, can I still register?

Yes. You may register as an open registrant, which you will be able to indicate on the registration form.

I have competed before. Do I still have to be invited or qualify?

If you would like to privileges of discounted entry, you will have to qualify. Regardless of whether you competed, placed or won before. You may still compete under Open Registration, if you do not qualify. Former competitors are not eligible to receive invitations.

I registered, but I am unable to compete this year. Can I use my registration for a future year?

I qualified this year, but cannot compete. Can I use my Qualified status for another year?

Competitive slots are, for the most part, non-transferable between years and individuals. However, certain major mitigating circumstances may make your eligible to use your qualified status for a future year.

All instances can be requested, but eligibility is at the total discretion of Sports Network.


If I am under 18 and a high school graduate, can I compete?


Can high school students compete?

No. Competitors must be high school graduates.

Invitations and Qualifiers

I’ve received an invitation to the event. How do I accept it?

Acceptance of an invitation will occur during the registration process where you will be required to return the invitation along with your registration paperwork and fees.

What if I lost my invitation?

In the event that you lose your invitation, it is considered rescinded and you will have to qualify at one of the World Open competitions or Regional Qualifiers or you may register as an open registrant.

How do I get invited?

World Competitors (past and present) as well as designated WDC officials around the world are bestowed with the authority to invite drillers as they see fit. These officials can often be found at local and regional drill meets around the country, searching for potential world competitors who possess the skill and attitude to compete at the highest professional level.

If you receive an official invitation from any of these individuals, you are consider an invited competitor and will receive the privileges afforded to all qualified and invited world competitors.

What is the floor plan and time limit for the qualifiers?

The floor plan for the Qualifiers is the same as WDC: 40×40 feet and 3-5 minutes.

Can high school students qualify?

Yes. In order to do so, they must register on the WDC Qualifier Registration page. If the competitor meets the requirements for qualification, they will be invited to compete and the World Drill Championships when they reach eligibility (high school graduation and 18 years or older).

Can we compete and qualify as a group?

Yes. Both solo and group (2-4 people) are eligible categories for WDC Qualifiers.

Do I need to check in the day of the qualifier?

Yes. Check in at the Headquarters desk (where all schools check in) and they will brief you on time and location.

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