Listed below are the regional competitions in which drillers may compete in order to be eligible as a Qualified Registration. Competitors who place in the top 33% will advanced as Qualified Competitors for WDC. For example, if there are 10 competitors, then the competitors who place in the top 3 will advance.

Dates and locations are listed below. Visit website or contact competition director to inquire about and register for these events.

Air Force NationalsMarch 19, 2022Dayton, OhioNutter CenterRegister

Qualifier FAQs

What is the floor plan and time limit for the qualifiers?

The floor plan for the Qualifiers is the same as WDC: 40×40 feet and 3-5 minutes.

Can high school students qualify?

Yes. In order to do so, they must register on the WDC Qualifier Registration page. If the competitor meets the requirements for qualification, they will be invited to compete and the World Drill Championships when they reach eligibility (high school graduation and 18 years or older).

Can we compete and qualify as a group?

Yes. Both solo and group (2-4 people) are eligible categories for WDC Qualifiers.

Do I need to check in the day of the qualifier?

Yes. Check in at the Headquarters desk (where all schools check in) and they will brief you on time and location.